Garlic: Natural Health Protector

Article by  Kristine F.

Already ancient Greeks knew the power of this natural remedy and it was probably the first doping used to improve performance by ancient athletes. In fact, it’s not just about Greeks. Garlic was known and used already 5 thousand years ago, one culture introduced it into other and now it’s used worldwide.1

Garlic is a natural vitamin pack. It contains vitamins B1, B6 and C, calcium copper, manganese, selenium and phosphorus that all are necessary for human health.2 B1 or thiamine is essential for hair, skin, muscles, brain and turning food into energy, B6 coordinates appetite, mood and sleep, C is essential for immune system, calcium is necessary for bones, teeth, healthy blood pressure and muscle contractions, copper is responsible for red blood cells, manganese – for metabolism and forming bones, selenium is antioxidant that neutralizes molecules that can damage healthy cells, but phosphorus helps to keep your bones healthy.3 With such a marvellous contents it’s not a wonder that garlic has been named as one of the healthiest foods in the world that can ensure long and healthy life.


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Using garlic won’t help to heal, for example, cancer when it’s already alive into body, but it is a strong remedy to protect you. Regular garlic consumption can:

1. Prevent the development of cancer cells

Medical studies have observed that people who eat more cooked or raw garlic has reduced risk of getting stomach, colon, rectal and breast cancer. 4, 5

2. Reduce the frequency of getting common cold

Researchers say that using garlic can prevent you from getting common cold as it has ability to reduce the number and frequency of getting colds. 4 While science says that there isn’t sufficient evidence of the effectiveness of garlic, folk medicine already for thousands of years know this remedy for cold prevention. The vitamin complex in garlic is a great immunity supporter.

3. Reduce high blood pressure

A chemical allicin is found in garlic, and this is what helps to lower high blood pressure. While pharmaceutical industry claims that only taking garlic in pills can reduce blood pressure, researches have shown that using garlic powder or raw garlic helps as well. 4, 6

Garlic Flower

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So, how to use this remedy? The best way to get it protect your body is eating raw garlic. You can also add it to food when cooking, but while cooking garlic (just like most of fruits, vegetables and plants) loses some of its health benefits. One more option is making garlic powder to add it to fresh salad and food when it’s already cooked: peel and slice fresh garlic, let it dry, then grind it and enjoy this healthy supplement!

There is just a little warning: using too much of garlic your digestive system can be irritated. 2-3 garlic cloves daily are not enough to irritate your stomach, but enough to protect you.


Image by Andreas


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