7 Ways to Treat Back Pain with Natural Remedies

Article by Kristine F.

Back pain, next to obesity, is one of the most popular health issues nowadays. It can be caused by muscle strains, nerves or skeletal muscles problems, arthritis or other health issues and can occur unexpectedly making daily life truly uncomfortable. While regular back pain should be checked with a doctor, there are some natural remedies to help you to ease and get rid of the disturbing pain.

1. Move and stretch

The first rule if you don’t want to become a friend with back pain is: keep yourself moving! It doesn’t mean you have to sweat and spend hours in a gym, but at least a walk should be your daily norm, especially if you have sedentary lifestyle. Remember to stand up, stretch backwards, stretch your legs, shoulders and arms to make everything “fall in the right places” into your body. Sometimes movement and some stretches is the only thing you need to prevent and ease back pain. Not moving at all might feel comfortable when your back hurts, but it doesn’t help. By the way, yoga is a great, healthy way to stretch your body preventing back pain.

2. Get a massage

A light massage helps to relax muscles and often is all what you need to feel better when it comes to back pain. Reach out for a helpful hand of a friend or family member to give you a massage in the area where you feel the tension and pain. There are also some healing essential oils to use for the massage!

3. Cool down the pain

Heat often is not the best friend when it comes to back pain although it feels good and relaxes muscles. If the back pain is caused by recent injury or muscle strain, cold is what can help to relieve pain reducing inflammation. Use ice cubes or a cotton cloth moistened in cold water and apply on your back for about 15 minutes. You can also add healing essential oils to increase the healing power of these cold compresses.


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4. Take Epsom salt baths

Epsom salt relaxes the body, relieves pain and helps muscles to function properly. To prevent and treat regular back pain, take a bath with this healthy mineral compound 2-3 times a week. Just remember that heat can make your muscles to swell and actually increase the pain, so it’s better to fill the bathtub with lukewarm water.

5. Use essential oils

Some essential oils do the magic for removing muscle tension and back pain. Peppermint oil has cooling, pain relieving properties, rosemary improves blood circulation, reduces inflammations and spasms, frankincense is mild inflammatory sedative, vetiver relieves arthritis and muscle pain, but lavender, chamomile and clary sage relieves muscle tension and inflammation. Apply essential oils diluted with a carrier oil of your choice on and around the area where it hurts, add them to compresses or baths.

6. Try herbal infusions

Drink herbal teas, bath with them and apply strong herbal infusion compresses. Some of the herbs for treating back pain are St. John’s wort, mugwort, kava-kava, black cohosh, sweet clover, stinging nettle and arnica.

St. John’s wort

Image by John Tann

7. Slow down

Not always we experience back pain because we move too less or have got injuries. Sometimes it can surprise us because we rush too much, work too hard and have too big physical overload. If you recognise yourself here, it’s time for a break. If you do physical work, take regular breaks, rest and slow down the rhythm of your activities.

Spine, what often is related to back pain, is your axis, so keep it straight, stretch, relax and take care of it – your back will thank you for it. Listen to your body and help it in natural ways! Natural remedies often cost less or nothing at all comparing to uncomfortable living with medication and disturbing health issues.


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Kristine F. is a full time writer/ghostwriter from North-Eastern Europe. Living in a climate that allows enjoying all 4 seasons, growing up at the countryside  and learning about herbs from her family, Kristine got passion for nature and natural remedies. Now she is living in a city trying to keep the life simple yet meaningful. To share her knowledge about natural remedies, DIY projects and personal discoveries about the power of nature and human brain, she has recently started a new blog: http://mugwortsdreams.blogspot.com/

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