The Effects of Morning Sickness

Article by Victoria R Brand

Some moms-to-be go through their entire pregnancy without suffering from any effects of morning sickness, whereas other mom-to-be can suffer horribly, especially when they are first pregnant. The feeling of being nauseous and bouts of vomiting unfortunately can come on suddenly, no matter where you are. You can be driving to the shops when all of a sudden you need to pull over, open your car door and oops uncontrollably. At least after your bout of throwing up, you do feel some relief!

If your bouts of nausea and vomiting are continuously severe, consult with your doctor as this can lead to dehydration or even malnutrition if very persistent. He will advise you of the best options of dealing with your morning sickness. Morning sickness usually only lasts while you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, and wears off as the day progresses.

The condition of Hyperemesis gravidarum or severe bouts of nausea, vomiting, and weight loss, are treated by changes of your diet, plenty of rest, and antacids. In cases that are more severe, sometimes hospitalisation is required for the mother-to-be to receive food and nutrition intake intravenously. Never take medication when you are pregnant without first consulting your doctor.

Dos for dealing with your morning sickness

Wearing wristbands (sea bands) are an aid for fighting off attacks of nausea, and are used by doctors and in hospitals, for all forms of nausea; this includes attacks of morning sickness. With their use there are no side effects, or use of drugs.

By often, eating small meals is another help in dealing with morning sickness, and drinking plenty of fluids often throughout the day. Nibble on some soda crackers about a quarter of an hour before rising in the morning and get out of bed very slowly.

Whatever you feel like eating, go for it, it doesn’t matter if its ice cream or even lots of jello. Eating (if you feel like it) can stabilize you for a while. To relieve your nausea attacks, drink lemonade or sniff lemons or ginger, or even eat some potato salty potato chips, they are good for settling tummies.

During the course of the day, rest frequently and take catnaps. Do not stop exercising, as it is good for you and the baby you are carrying.


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Things not to do when suffering bouts of morning sickness

Do not lie down to nap immediately after eating, wait for a while. Never skip eating at mealtimes and if you do your own cooking, forget about making or eating dishes that are very spicy, as they will only aggravate your nausea. Probably the smell of the dishes cooking will nauseate you as well.

When to contact your doctor

If you have trouble with excessive bouts of vomiting and nausea stopping you from keeping your food down or if your bouts of vomiting cause any pain or fever, consult your doctor. In particular if morning sickness persists after the twelfth week and well into the second trimester.  

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