Neem – Effective Natural Treatment for Acne

Article by Kristine F.

Skin is your surface that reflects almost everything what happens inside your body. It is also the first one to deal with negative outer influences like wind, sun, dust, low quality water, chemicals, radiation and so on. Acne is related to our oil glands that are connected to skin pores. It is mostly caused by hormones and bacteria, but there are several obstacles that can make acne worse, like stress, hot and humid weather, menstrual cycle, make-up that blocks pores and so on.

I also have been standing in front of a mirror wondering what my skin is missing. My skin looked tired, withered and face covered with acne a bit more than I would consider normal. I know that often acne appear because of wrong food intake or climate changes, but it wasn’t the case. So, I went to the store to look for a natural, not too expensive solution and found natural neem face wash gel. Moisten your face, apply gel lightly massaging it into your skin and wash it down with warm water – really easy. I’m not the one who trust wonder-recipes and wait for miracles just from trying something once and in small amount, but neem really surprised me. Right after washing it down my face looked fresh and naturally glowing the rest of the day. Just about 4-6 uses (it’s about 2-3 days using it twice – on morning and evening) of this purifying neem gel helped me to heal acne and prevented forming new pimples. There really must be something special in neem, and there really is.

Neem is a big tree native to Africa and South-East Asia. It is called also Indian Lilac or “village pharmacy” and has been used for thousands of years as significant natural remedy in Ayurveda.  Medical qualities are found in all parts of this tree: leaves, bark, seeds and fruits. Nowadays it’s known worldwide as almost miraculous treatment for problematic skin and getting rid of acne. It has strong anti-fungal, analgesic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and contains very high levels of antioxidants: it seems just logical that something so powerful really can fight acne and other issues revitalizing the skin.

For treating acne you can use neem leaves or neem oil. Neem leaves can be used fresh or dried. Soak fresh neem leaves in water, then mince or grind them to make paste and apply it on your face, leave for about 20 minutes and wash off.  Of course, if you are not living in the area where this “village pharmacy” grows, you might want to look for natural skin care products containing neem or get neem powder or oil. Neem powder is made simply grinding dried neem leaves and you can apply it on face like a paste mixed with warm water.

What has got popularity outside the neem’s native India, is neem oil. For those who suffer from acne and have skin problems in a long term, neem oil might be the right solution. You can add a few drops of neem oil to any natural face mask, you can add it to water for face wash or apply directly on acne affected areas couple of times a day.

Neem Flower

Image by sk_vel

Some resources also advice chewing fresh neem leaves or drinking neem tea, although for those who are not used to this specific remedy it’s better to stick with external use only – it works well, you just have find the right way of using neem that would fit you the best.

I guess the concentration of neem in the face wash I got from the store is not that high as in neem oil, but anyway it works well for me and keeps my skin fresh and glowing. As I’m not native to area where neem grows naturally, I don’t use this face wash every day as I’m trying to keep my skin and body more nurtured with everything what’s native for my area and climate zone. I use it about once a week now not anymore for treating acne, but just for prophylactics and supporting my skin. I’ve also checked several online forums where real people from around the world share their experiences treating acne, and neem definitely seems the king of all natural remedies for acne. There really are many people out there who have tried many different remedies and found the solution exactly in neem.


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Kristine F. is a full time writer/ghostwriter from North-Eastern Europe. Living in a climate that allows enjoying all 4 seasons, growing up at the countryside  and learning about herbs from her family, Kristine got passion for nature and natural remedies. Now she is living in a city trying to keep the life simple yet meaningful. To share her knowledge about natural remedies, DIY projects and personal discoveries about the power of nature and human brain, she has recently started a new blog:

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