Get It or Make It: Thyme Tincture for Treating Acne

Article by Kristine F.

I’m absolutely sure you have heard of thyme, if not from your doctor then definitely from culinary shows. This herb, that has been used since ancient times for scenting temples, flavoring alcoholic beverages and even for embalming mummies in Ancient Egypt, also has given the world such a great natural remedy for treating acne as tincture of thyme.

Clinical tests done by professional microbiology researchers have proved that thyme tincture is almost unique natural treatment for acne. Thyme has great antibacterial properties that pretty fast kill the bacteria that infects skin pores causing acne. Although the efficiency of thyme tincture has been proved, researchers warn that it might cause some skin irritation like burning sensation. Almost all acne treatments available on stores contain benzoyl peroxide. Thyme tincture contains it as well, but it is natural benzoyl peroxide that in chemical treatments is replaced by artificial one, what means your skin has harder times to accept it and use for good – that’s one more reason to go with thyme.

Tincture of thyme will be a lot stronger than thyme infusion and tea, and it’s also easier to store tinctures for longer time without losing medicinal properties than you could store any freshly frozen or dried herb. Making herb tinctures the greatest healing properties and active ingredients of the herb are extracted usually into strong alcohol such as vodka or brandy, but some other methods use apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin. Although alcohol definitely is the most popular carrier for making tinctures because it squeezes out of herbs a lot more of medicinal qualities than other solvents and adds antiseptic properties as well.

To apply the tincture on acne affected areas of your skin, use a cotton ball or a cloth, add to your natural skin healing masks or use a spray bottle and mist it on your skin (just take care that it doesn’t get into your eyes).

I’ve noticed that I use with greater appreciation and trust in their healing powers those natural remedies that I’ve harvested from meadows on my own or have made at home by myself. If you want to make your own thyme tincture, go ahead! You can’t make a thyme tincture in one day, but it’s not difficult at all, and if you make it on your own you definitely won’t forget to use it every day.

Home-made thyme tincture recipe:

There are just two ingredients:  fresh thyme and the solvent of your choice (glycerin or alcohol). As you know alcohol will get the most out of your herbs, just make sure you get a high quality alcohol and if possible – organic one.

If you have 100 grams of thyme, take 200 milliliters of alcohol, whatever amount you are willing to make the ration for using fresh herbs is 1:2 (herbs : alcohol). Take a jar, put into it chopped thyme, pour the alcohol over the herb, close with an airtight lid, shake and leave it in a dark, cool place (the main thing is that you don’t keep it in the direct sunlight). For about 3-5 weeks leave the jar of tincture covered and shake it every day (nothing bad will happen if you forget about it for some days as well).

After about a month, strain the herb remains, pour the tincture into a clean glass container and use it! Remember to keep the tincture away from direct sunlight and always close the container after using the tincture.


Image by 55Laney69

Use what nature gives you for free! I’ve heard people telling that it has helped them to treat acne a lot better than any prescribed medication. Still, I would advise you to check with your doctor if this treatment is suitable for you as people have different skin types and allergies, and, of course, at least at the beginning – do not overdose with it! Balance is the greatest art that rules over success in this world, and it should be mastered when it comes to health and healing as well.


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Kristine F. is a full time writer/ghostwriter from North-Eastern Europe. Living in a climate that allows enjoying all 4 seasons, growing up at the countryside  and learning about herbs from her family, Kristine got passion for nature and natural remedies. Now she is living in a city trying to keep the life simple yet meaningful. To share her knowledge about natural remedies, DIY projects and personal discoveries about the power of nature and human brain, she has recently started a new blog:

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