Natural Remedies for Relieving Neck Pains

Article by Tina Stanciu

The expression “pain in the neck” can have a different meaning for people that have to face neck pains induced by various stress factors. If you are like me and your work involves sitting many hours in front of a computer screen or at a desk then you are probably experiencing stubborn neck pains that don’t seem to go away. I did a lot of research about neck and back pains and read plenty of studies that discussed the causes and the possible solutions for my problem, but could not reach a satisfactory conclusion, apart from changing my profession. Sitting in front of the computer all day can seriously damage your posture, no matter your age of physical health but there are still a lot of remedies available, especially natural remedies that are easy to apply and not at all expensive.

Since I knew that my neck pains were not that serious, even though they seem to be here to stay, I decided to focus my researches less on studies and more on natural remedies and posture improvements, and of course, reduce my hours in front of the computer or television.

Ginger Flower

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Home Remedies

Natural medicine has a solution for almost every problem, all you have to do is do a little research, find the one that suits you best and discuss it with your doctor in order to avoid unwanted reactions. For neck pains, you can try plenty of things, from putting ice on the area that hurts to heat it in order to increase blood circulation and release stiff muscle or massage for relaxation. The natural remedies that did wonders for me was ginger. You keep hearing about ginger and all its therapeutic properties but probably did not that it can also cure neck pains. You can use it as a spice for your food or your tea or take it as such, one teaspoon of fresh ginger or two teaspoons of dried ginger a day. In less than three weeks my neck pains disappeared, and I keep taking it, two or three times a week. Don’t forget to try and improve your posture, buy a better chair, doing more exercise and have a massage from time to time.

Emotional Remedies

Have you considered that your neck pains may be caused by emotional or stressful factors? Home or work stress is present in making a more and more intense presence in our day-to-day routine, and some people have gotten so used to them that they don’t think about associating various pains with stress. Nonetheless, stress and emotional issues cause a lot of health problems and neck pains are one of them. If you have tried all the remedies and still can’t seem to get rid of your pains you can try some relaxation exercises and of course, try to not let stress get to you. I know it’s hard, but you will enjoy the outcome.

Being neck pain free after so many years feels great, and I always remember to avoid the things that got me there in the first place. Give natural remedies a chance before taking medicine that has undesired side effects but if the pain still does not go away consider visiting a doctor, it might be something more serious.

Tina Stanciu is a 27 years old writer from Bucharest, Romania. She has a passion about everything related to Philosophy, History, Music, Health and Natural Medicine. In her free time, she likes reading, watching movies and traveling to new and exciting places. Tina has a healthy lifestyle and wants to share her “be healthy-be happy” philosophy with everyone that’s why she most enjoys writing about health, nutrition or beauty.

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