8 beauty tricks using coconut oil

Coconut oil became very popular lately, being frequently used in cosmetic products. And why should it be otherwise? It has an antibacterial effect, it’s an excellent skin moisturizer and it nurtures the hair better than any other oil! And all that without taking into account its divine smell!

I will show you how to use the magnificent coconut oil from your home without having to throw away a lot of money on commercial cosmetic products. You only need one key ingredient: coconut oil – as virgin and as organic as possible!

1. Hair treatment

The reason why increasingly more hair products use coconut oil as a basic ingredient is because it manages to nurture and penetrate the hair better than any other oils or cosmetic ingredients.

Put a little coconut oil in your palm (as much as the size of a coin), smear it in your palms and apply it on your hair by massaging it. Grip your hair in a loop, wrap it in a towel and go to bed. Let it act as a treatment overnight and in the morning wash your hair with your regular shampoo.

2. Hands treatment

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for your hands. I always keep a jar full of it in my bathroom and I use it instead of cream every time I wash my hands. I really like its solid, very creamy aspect and that it’s very easy to use.

3. Shaving cream

Shaving cream is very expensive and, from my perspective, only a whim (without taking into account the chemicals it has), because you can use a little soap or conditioner for this task.

On the other hand, coconut oil is natural, not expensive and it has an antibacterial effect. And let’s not forget its magnificent smell and moisturizing effect (very different from other oils because it doesn’t load the skin).

4. Body cream

Some specialized studies show that coconut oil hastens wound healing, enhances skin hydration and reduces water loss if your skin is dry. Sounds good, right? It’s exactly what we need from a body lotion. Oh, and it also leaves a wonderful and natural smell on your skin that lasts a lot of time.

5. Eye cleanser

We already know that the area around the eyes is very sensitive, hard to cleanse and that it needs special care. Well, apparently coconut oil is an excellent eye cleanser and it can easily remove even a waterproof mascara!

Put a little coconut oil on a cotton pad and, with smooth moves cleanse the area around your eyes. You will see that any makeup product is rapidly removed, even the durable or greasy ones. In the end, wash your face as you usually do and you will discover you have a clean, delicate and hydrated skin.


Image by wildxplorer

6. Face cleansing

Because we are talking about cleansing, let’s not forget to mention that coconut oil is not only good for the eye area, but for the whole face as well.

Because coconut oil is a moisturizing, antibacterial product and a natural antifungal, it is ideal for every skin type, especially for those affected by dermatitis or dehydration.

You can successfully use it for face cleansing: just apply it on your face and massage it with circular moves. When you are done with that, clean your face as you usually do. Some women even swear it is the best night cream they ever used.

7. Body scrub

Forget all the expensive exfoliating products, because you have in your kitchen all you need to make a natural, not expensive and very efficient body scrub!

This is what you need: 120 ml of coconut oil and 200-250 g of sugar (brown or white). Melt a little coconut oil and add the sugar. If you want, you can also add 4-5 drops of essential oil or vanilla extract. And be careful, it smells so good you will want to eat it!

8. Massage oil

Most massage oils already have as basic ingredient jojoba oil or coconut oil, so why get all the other noxious ingredients they put in commercial products when you have all you need in your home? It’s very moisturizing, slippery and natural!

Article translated from http://www.ebio.eu/blog/

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