Natural Oils for Curing Headaches

Article by Tina Stanciu

In today’s modern society, when everything is moving at the speed of light, headaches are extremely common. They have become a part of modern living; they are the result of our stressful lifestyle and day-to-day cares, and appear more often than you would think. Headaches affect a lot of people, from young children to senior citizens, and sometimes they seem to be unbeatable. The pharmaceutical industry offers us a wide range of drugs for headaches, and most of us take them without thinking about the consequences.

Natural remedies have been around for ages, and there is no question that they work, so why not think about attacking your headaches in a more natural way than taking drugs like candy? Alternative medicine has plenty of remedies for these types of pain, but natural oils seem to be the easiest and most pleasant way of dealing with a headache. You can use lavender or mint oil to treat your headache, and you will not only feel better but also enjoy the wonderful smell of these natural remedies.


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If you thought that aromatherapy is just for making your home smell nice, you were mistaken. It has been used since ancient times, and it never fails. Rub one or two drops of lavender or mint oil on your forehead or neck when your head starts hurting and you will feel better in minutes. The oils smell incredible, and they will help cure your headaches without having to take any special measures; especially mint oil, which is a natural vasodilatation agent, and is great not only for headaches, but also for clearing your airway.


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Basil oil is also great for curing headaches. It relaxes the muscles and gets rid of headaches caused by high blood pressure or muscular problems.

Some alternative ways of using natural oils are adding a few drops into your hot tub, using an aromatherapy lamp or putting a few drops on a napkin and smelling the oils for a few minutes. Each of these methods works when it comes to relieving headaches and, if done regularly also help to prevent them. So think twice the next time you reach for a painkiller and give aromatherapy a chance.

Tina Stanciu is a 27 years old writer from Bucharest, Romania. She has a passion about everything related to Philosophy, History, Music, Health and Natural Medicine. In her free time, she likes reading, watching movies and travelling to new and exciting places. Tina has a healthy lifestyle and wants to share her “be healthy-be happy” philosophy with everyone that’s why she most enjoys writing about health, nutrition or beauty.

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