4 Home Remedies to Fix a Stinky Bad Breath

Article by Daniel Taylor

Bad breath can make it hard to impress new people, stay close with your friends, or be intimate with your partner. When you learn that the odor tends to be caused by bacteria, decaying food and toxin-created gases from inside your digestive tract, the problem seems even worse.

Although brushing and flossing your teeth take care of most stinky mouths, some people need more. Here are four easy home remedies to give you confidence and get you smelling fresh again.


Dehydration is actually one of the leading causes of mouth odor. Mouths lacking moisture can’t produce much saliva, and saliva is the body’s natural defense against bacteria. It contains a lot of oxygen, which stifles bacteria growth, and its enzymes promote antibody development which, damages harmful bacteria further. Less bacteria means less odor.


Carrots and Celery

Image by nociveglia

Eating raw vegetables will also improve your bad breath. This works best with hard vegetables like celery or carrot sticks. They are effective because as you chew them, they work to clear your teeth of plaque.

Plaque is the white film made of food particles, saliva and bacteria that sticks to your teeth. If plaque is not removed, the bacteria will thrive and the food particles will decompose. Neither of these activities smells very good.


One reason that mouthwash is recommended as part of a daily oral hygiene routine is that liquid can get into places that other tools cannot. Consider adding some salt to water and swishing that around. Salt water can rinse your lips and cheeks, get in between your teeth, and even clean as far back as your throat.

Get cultural!


Image by Nancy McClure

In other parts of the world such as South East Asia and South America, chewing on certain spices after meals is a common cultural practice. Selecting aromatic spices such as fennel, anise seed and clove can clean up the mouth’s funky smell.

Bad breath can ruin your day, but luckily there are easy home remedies to get you back on track!

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