Home Remedies for Stress

Article by Pamela-anne Kinney

People who are looking for natural health aids are trying to get away from having to take synthetic drugs or medicines.

Stress is something that can be caused by a variety of things, both physical and psychological.  It is a stimulation that upsets the natural balance of the body.  It is estimated that stress contributes to 80% of all major illnesses, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and infectious diseases of all kinds.  Almost all body functions are affected by stress.

Herbs & Anti-stress Tonic:

Ingredients for a natural anti-stress tonic

  1. mix ½ teaspoon of any 3 herbs listed below
  2. steep in 2 cups of almost- boiling distilled water, or use alcohol-free extracts mixed in water

Image by Annie Roonie

List of Herbs to Choose from

  • Catnip is an anti-stress herb that causes drowsiness
  • Chamomile is a relaxant, soothing to the digestive tract, nerve tonic, and  sleep aid
  • Passion Flower has a calming effect, and is a great addition to any anti-stress routine
  • Valerian root helps to aid stress related headaches, as well as inducing sleep and keeping the nervous system from being overwhelmed
  • Skullcap relieves headaches, as well as being good for nervous disorders


  • Eat a diet that consists of 50-75% raw foods.  Fresh products will give you a supply of vitamins and minerals, and also contain flavonoids which will scavenge and neutralize free radicals.
  • Avoid processed foods such as fried foods, junk food, artificial sweeteners, and foods containing preservatives.
  • Try eliminating dairy products for 3 weeks, then slowly re-introduce them to your diet. Then, watch to see if your nervous condition comes back.
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and mood altering drugs; they will not get rid of your stress, but merely mask it for a short period, and they are harmful to your health.
  • Try meditation, as this can help you to manage your stress.
  • Practice deep breathing in which you hold your breath and exhale slowly.  This can help to relieve your stress.
  • Do not repress or deny your emotions; this will only compound your stress.

Pamela-anne Kinney was born in Dumbarton Scotland in 1964 and immigrated to Canada at age 3. Writing has been her passion since childhood.  She was blessed to find a career later in life that she could work around her disability -Epilepsy. She graduated from a Freelance writing course in 2011. Pamela-Anne enjoys writing articles in the genres of Health and Wellness, Home Remedies, Gardening, Cultural, and Travel. She is presently working as a Freelance writer from her home office in Elmira, Ontario Canada.

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